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Our service is 100% free for passengers and organisers - sponsored by private donors. is a voluntary grassroots movement, that has emerged due to the need for coordination of private initiatives related to evacuation from the Ukrainian borders. 

Our platform consolidates numerous individual initiatives to work on the same coordinated plan, without having any contact between each other. This removes a lot challenges which arises, when several organisations have to coordinate a common effort.

Some of us previously worked with organisations, which we found very ineffective. The path from idea to actions is to long. Micro-management and bureaucracy slows down the proces. But guess what? The war will not wait!

So the people of Denmark took matters in their own hands and on various ways financed busses to the Ukrainian Borders. A true honour to the legacy of the evacuation of the Danish jews to Sweden in 1943, where 7000 people were evacuated - overnight!

Our website and App is used to coordinate and spread the effort along the border in a way that makes sense.

By establishing regular pickup points with regular schedules, we contribute with overview in a caotic situation.

Our system is also used by passengers to reserve seats in the busses. This way, we gather a lot of essential information about the passengers.

This information as well as our App for bus organisers, can simplify the process of organising a bus.

Our goal is to limit private transfers of refugees from the borders. This way of transport is extremely unsafe and risky for the passengers. Most particular in regards of human trafficking - of which concrete examples have been seen.
We have had to evacuate hundreds of people. Both by bus and by private transport.

We can see that organised buses makes much more sense in regards to cost and efficiency.
We do not organise buses our selves. Our platform is a tool that can be used by bus organisers and passerngers.
We have esteblished regular routes with fixed pick-up points.

We recommend bus organisers to join our coordinated schedule - to make sure we can help as many people as possible. Together we stand stronger!


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