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Незабаром – постійне оновлення.

What documents do you need to go to Denmark ?

If you have a biometric passport, you can enter the country freely.
If you do not have a biometric passport, you can enter the country and register at the border. We will help you do so.


Contact the bus by text only. DO NOT CALL US. It is hard to handle so many phonecalls. It is more effective for everybody, if you send text instead of calling. Be patient please, we will get back to you. Dont panic, we will help EVERYBODY who wants to go to Denmark, but please be patient. Please, do NOT contact the bus to confirm departure details. You can count on the details on the page. If the bus changes something about departure details, you will get notified by E-mail. ONLY contact the bus, if it is nescessary.

What if I am delayed?

The situation is not stable. If you get delayed, please text the bus immideatly. Maybe they wait for you if you are delayed. If you miss the bus, do not worry, we will help you on another bus. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO INFORM US ABOUT DELAYS!


Only book a seat in 1 bus. Do not make any double bookings. This might block a seat for other passengers. If you miss the bus for some reason, we will help you get to Denmark another way.

When should I book?

We advise you to book your bus upon arrival in Poland. If you have to wait, refugee information and local churches can assist you with accomodation. It is usually free. They can also provide food and medical attention.

Schedule changes

If there are unexpected changes of the bus for example change in departure time or location, we will notify you by email and SMS. So please check your email regularly. You can ask to get wifi from restaurants, hotels etc. You can also stop a polish person on the street, and ask if they can share their wifi to you for 2 minutes. The polish are very helpful.

Can i bring pets?

Some busses accept pets. You should ALWAYS contact the bus, if you are bringing a pet.

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